Waseem Jerjes BDS MBBS MSc MDres PhD

10th Annual Junior Trainee Conference, London 12th-13th March 2004

36th AGM & Scientific Meeting, London 30 April 2004

Annual Scientific Meeting, London 2nd June 2004

11th Annual Meeting of the Junior Trainees Group, Birmingham 11th-12th March 2005

20th International Congress Laser Medicine, Florence 10th-12th November 2005

The 3rd International Conference of the Royal Medical Services in collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians (London), Amman 5th-8th April 2006

Annual Scientific Meeting, Eastbourne 28th-30th June 2006

Meeting of the Student Members’ Group, London 10th November 2006

13th Annual Junior Trainees’ Conference, Bristol 23rd-24th February 2007

Annual Scientific Meeting in conjunction with the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, Aviemore 13th-16th June 2007

Annual Scientific Meeting, Newcastle 10th-11th June 2008

Annual Scientific Meeting, Cardiff 2nd-4th July 2008

Annual Scientific Meeting and AGM, Salisbury 14th-15th May 2009

Annual Scientific Meeting, Bournemouth 3rd-5th June 2009

Healthcare Innovation EXPO, London 18th-19th June 2009

23rd International Congress Laser Medicine & IALMS Courses and 3rd Biannual Congress of the International Photo Therapy Association, Florence 6th-7th November 2009

Hosted by Sociedad Española de Láser Médico Quirúrgico and in association with British Medical Laser Association & European Society for Laser Aesthetic Surgery, Tarragona 6th-8th May 2010

Annual Scientific Meeting, Manchester 26th-28th May 2010

Annual Scientific Meeting and AGM, Bedfordshire 19th & 20th May 2011

Spring Meeting, Newport 21st May 2011

Annual Scientific Meeting, Nice 22nd-24th June 2011

Annual Meeting, Lyon 4th-7th May 2013

Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona 9th 10th Oct 2013

Annual Meeting, New Orleans 19th-23rd Mar 2014

Annual Meeting, Tampa, Florida 15th-18th Oct 2014

Annual Meeting, Las Vegas 24th-28th Mar 2015

Annual Meeting, Amsterdam 10th-12th May 2015